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State of the art, locally based Data Center in Irvine, CA. Allows for a flexible quick secured access, faster data transferability, physical convenience for shorter data recovery time, and custom application solutions. Making scalability less of a headache.


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Our customers are our greatest assets and we believe it’s paramount to know what they think of us, good or bad!

We use an independent agency to reach out to our clients for their feedback – we use this information to refine our services to ensure we are constantly aligned with their needs. Using an independent agency allows our clients to be candid and provide us with feedback that is rich in substance and valuable to our success.

Not only are we concerned with our client’s satisfaction, but we want to know if they would refer us to their friends – as we believe the referral is the ultimate testament from a satisfied client.

A Multi-Media Entertainment Company

Why CSP Networks: CSP has a highly qualified staff, offering us a much higher level of expertise than we would be able to acquire if we hired a full-time employee.

What Have They Done: Support our end-users, develop IT strategy, maintain security, ensure we adhere to regulatory requirements, built and manage our data backup system, strengthened security, transferred our internal Microsoft Exchange system to a hosted application.

Why Does It Matter: We’ve seen a significant decline in mission critical technology breakdowns since we hired CSP. They’ve developed an IT strategy to support our growth, and they are hacking away at an extensive list of technology priorities we’ve needed to accomplish for a long time. The difference is that CSP gets it. They understand our practical needs, how to leverage what we have today and to build strategically for the future.

An Enterprise Mobility Solutions Company

Why CSP Networks: I have known the CEO for a long time and he is a trusted advisor. He is straight forward, easy going, extremely knowledgeable and you always get more than what you pay for.

What Have They Done: We rely on CSP for all of our IT needs: purchasing and configuration of new servers, support and maintenance on existing systems, utilize their Hosted Microsoft Exchange application and they manage the back-up of mission critical data to an off-site data storage facility.

Why Does It Matter: CSP has provided total IT support through our series of growth phases and they truly are a “partner” – always planning ahead and doing the IT thinking for us. CSP does whatever it takes to keep us up and running and operating efficiently and they are always more than fair in providing cost effective solutions. I am extremely confident in CSP’s ability to completely manage both daily IT support and future planning. Because of this, I can focus more on running my business.

An Industrial Wireless Automation Company

Why CSP Networks: We were using an IT support guy that was not providing strategic solutions for our technical problems. CSP came in and listened to the challenges we were having and offered multiple solutions to fix the existing problems and also discussed a strategy to prevent these problems from reoccurring. They made recommendations even before we became their client.

What Have They Done: We use CSP for all of our technical support and strategic recommendations for future potential IT needs. They manage our Hosted Microsoft Exchange program, have streamlined our day-to-day IT processes, provide full support on operational issues and advise us on high-level IT planning.

Why Does It Matter: Email and spam challenges were disruptive before we moved to CSP’s hosted Exchange System; the transition was seamless and we now have no issues. By streamlining our daily operations, we are able to already see increased productivity. The strategic IT foresight that CSP provides, gives us a comfort level for future planning and budgeting. CSP attacks the problems and provides solutions. I am responsible for managing operations within a small company budget; this is worthwhile money spent and I am convinced the future productivity increases will pay dividends.