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Original Post by: Lindsay Kolowich | HubSpot | Published on: 06/24/2016


You know the saying, “Fake it ’til you make it”?

It turns out that doing things that make you appear confident — even if you don’t actually feel confident  — can affect how others see you, and can ultimately have a big impact on your success. It can also affect the chemicals in your brain to make you actually feel more confident when all is said and done.

Think about the last time you felt unsure of yourself. Perhaps you were about to give a presentation in front of a group of people; or maybe you were feeling really awkward at a networking event where you knew no one. (Terrifying, I know.)

In these instances, there are a couple of handy things you can do to make it look like you’re feeling confident. And when you come off as confident, authentic, comfortable, and enthusiastic, you’ll come off as smarter, more passionate, and more likeable.

GUIDE ON HOW TO LOOK CONFIDENT (even when you’re not)

If you’re feeling under-confident it’s hard to feel comfortable when you’re faced with giving a presentation, meeting new people or interviewing for a new job. However, even when you’re not feeling confident, there are numerous things you can do to quite literally fake it until you make it.

Confidence – the elusive trait. Appearing confident can help us get on better in our lives. Studies show that:

  • Self-confidence is more important for career success than talent.
  • Individuals who appeared more confident achieved a higher social status than their peers.
  • A simple aid like giving men cologne improved their confidence enough to be rated as visibly more attractive in photographs.

So, if confident is so important to success, how can you look confident even when you’re not?

Learn how to enhance your inner confidence with these simple tricks and tips, and before long–you will look and feel more confident than ever before.

  1. Make eye contact– When you’re speaking to someone, look them in the eyes. Retain eye contact when they are speaking to you too.

Why? eye contact is crucial for coming across as confident; it enables you to make connections, appear trustworthy and seem decisive.

2.  Practice power poses before events– Do the ‘superman pose.’ Put your hands on your hips with your elbows wide, chest out and look up to the sky.

Why? research shows that ‘power poses’ change your brain’s perception of yourself by tricking your mind into believing you’re more confident than you are.

    3.  Channel memories of confidence– Cast your mind to a time when you felt and acted confidently and re-live that moment in your mind to induce the feeling of confidence.

Why? a study found that reliving a moment when you were genuinely captivating and on top form can make you look more confident. 

4.  Dress for success– Dress smart; choose formal clothing.

Why? research has found that, due to the symbolic meaning clothes can hold, what you wear has a direct effect on how powerful and secure you feel in public. 

5.  Speak clearly and slowly– Take your time with each sentence and ensure you enunciate your words clearly.

Why? talking slowly allows you time to choose your words more carefully. Studies suggest that people with expertise often speak slowly to encourage their listeners to hang onto every word.

6.  Use supportive self-talk– Repeat the phrase ‘may I be confident and at ease’ to allow yourself to sink into the intention of the words.

Why? loving kindness meditation mantras can be practiced to bring self-acceptance. Research shows that self-talk affects performance by creating self-fulfilling prophecies.

7.  Use your hands– Keep your hands together when you’re listening to avoid fidgeting. When talking, use your hand gestures to emphasize your words.

Why? Studies show speakers using hand gestures can be perceived by listeners as being more competent.



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