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With FLI Charge, you will never have to plug in your smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices ever again! FLI Charge is an incredible wireless charging system that is setting the bar in the wireless power and charging space. Aside from its stunningly sleek design, FLI Charge is able to power multiple devices simultaneously regardless of where, or in what orientation you place them on the pad. FLI Charge can be used to power any USB powered devices and will charge them as fast and as safely as plugging directly into the wall. FLI Charge brings convenience to your life and will increase your efficiency at home and at work. It is the perfect solution for any environment, from charging on your bedside table overnight, to keepingan entire company on 100% throughout the day. What makes FLI Charge even more amazing is its product line’s sleek design, which will complement the interior decor of your home or workspace.

Time to Live a Wire-Free Life

The FLI Charge wireless charging system consists of a power pad called the FLIway 40 (for 40-watts of power), smartphone cases, called FLIcases and two universal USB adapters, the FLIcube and FLIcoin. The FLIcase, FLIcube and FLIcoin are each embedded with a FLImod, which is a smartchip that, when connected to a mobile device, receives power from the surface of the FLIway and transfers it with nearly 100% efficiency to your mobile device. FLI Charge uses conductive wireless power technology which is completely safe and scalable, so it will eventually be able to charge higher powered devices, like laptops and power tools.

More on FLI Charge

FLI Charge’s elegant design integrates nicely into your home or office and will be a natural conversation starter. FLI Charge wireless charging is an absolute necessity in our mobile connected world which is why FLI Charge is a must for our new-age homes and workplaces. The system is easy to use and will be effortlessly incorporated into your everyday life. The first thing we do when we sit down to relax is either plug in and charge our devices, or set them down in a convenient nearby spot. With FLI Charge, you can combine the two, transforming charging from an inconvenient task to an effortless and natural routine.




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