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Last year I made Meatball Mummies for Halloween.. they were the cutest thing ever!

I kept thinking about those edible eyeballs and how I could use them again.  They were cute, easy and contained cheese… and I’m kind of fanatical about cheese!!  Well what goes along with cheese better than pasta?  (Maybe wine but I’d feel awkward giving that to the kids before trick or treating).

The “how to” below uses string cheese and various sized straws to make “eyeballs”.  Spinach pasta is naturally green making it the perfect way to serve up this spooky dinner.  If you’d like your pasta a little brighter you can add a few drops of green food coloring to the water while it’s boiling.


This fun spooky Halloween dinner is easy to make and kids love it! Perfect way to fill up their bellies before heading out to events!!


I used mozzarella and olives but you can use whatever you want to make them!  For the whites any white cheese or even hearts of palm or peeled zucchini works perfectly!  For the eyeballs, use zucchini, eggplant, cucumber or any other dark colored veggie!  Fun right?!

Eyeball Pasta


  • Note: There are no amounts in this recipe as it can be prepared in any amount.
  • Spinach Pasta any shape
  • Your favorite pasta sauce


  • String Cheese (approx ½ per person)
  • Black olives (or dark skinned veggies like zucchini)
  • Straws (assorted sizes)


What spooky foods did you make for Halloween?

Reference Article: http://www.spendwithpennies.com/eyeball-pasta-halloween-dinner-idea/

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